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Archives for the day Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Swimming is one of the most popular sports of the summer Olympics, and the athletes and technology behind swimming get a large amount of attention.

For regular people, swimming may be nothing more than a dip in the pool for relief from summer heat. Some athletes have coaches and work on swim form and time for swim meets, triathlons, and other athletic sports.

For Olympic swimmers, however, it’s a mix of hard work in the pool and cutting-edge technology that gives them the opportunity to smash world records every time they enter the pool.

To help out even further, researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a humanoid robot able to closely mimic a swimmer’s movement in the water. Ideally, the humanoid can help researchers learn how swimmers can glide through the water with a minimal amount of drag.

Take a look at the humanoid in action: