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The Bamboo Bottle is a pricey, unique water bottle that people tend to overlook.

Beyond a novelty item — which is a bit bizarre for a water bottle — is there anything really to the Bamboo Bottle?  Is it worth it? Why would someone want it?

To help figure these questions out, Alameda Runners recently caught up with Bamboo Bottle.

Here is what the company had to say about its product and why it stands out:

“Bamboo Bottle offers a glass bottle that guarantees safe drinking that won’t leach chemicals into your drink – hot or cold. The glass is protected by bamboo which gives the bottle style and strength. Both the glass and bamboo are completely renewable resources.”

In addition to the bottle itself, the company has strong philanthropic efforts towards the environment.

“When you buy a Bamboo Bottle you are not just getting any old water bottle. Your money is going towards a product that is sustainably constructed from renewable resources. You are getting a bottle that you know is safe to drink from and guarantees that your beverage, hot or cold, is as pure as can be. The versatility of the three screw on tops allows you to use it for coffee in the morning and water in the afternoon, without that bad residual taste which makes it a great alternative to single use coffee cups and plastic water bottles.”

Plastic water bottles are common in grocery stores – but they are bad for the environment – and bad for your health. There has been a growing effort to create BPA-free metal water bottles, though Bamboo Bottle went with a completely different approach.

“One of the primary goals at Bamboo Bottle is to create a functional product that is completely sustainable. The glass is made from 50% recycled material, the Bamboo is sustainably harvested and the manufacturing process uses bamboo waste for electricity. Admittedly, the bottle is not 100% sustainable, but improvements are always being made to the manufacturing processes and materials used with a goal of limiting the companies’ environmental footprint.”

With so many water bottle choices available, Bamboo Bottle has a good reason why active people should follow the company.

“Bamboo Bottle Co. is the only company that offers a clean, safe and stylish bottle that is made from the practically inexhaustible resources of bamboo and glass. The versatility of the bottle allows it to function as your do-it-all bottle for hot and cold beverages. Not only that, but Bamboo Bottle Co. is devoted to creating a product that supports a clean and healthy environment.”

As mentioned before, Bamboo Bottle is interested in contributing while many companies tend to overlook what they can do to contribute towards green movements.

“Bamboo Bottle is a member of 1% for the Planet donating 1 percent of sales to environmental organizations around the world. They have also created the giveback program, which helps organizations reach fundraising goals and supports their efforts in giving to their cause. Also, Bamboo Bottle has created the Take the Pledge campaign, where citizens can make a pledge to stop using one time use plastic bottles to collectively help clean up our planet. Go to the Bamboo Bottle Facebook page to take the pledge.”

To finish the interview, Bamboo Bottle welcomes readers to visit the website “for more details on our products, sustainability and manufacturing.”

Bamboo Bottle truly has a unique product, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. I’m all for supporting non-plastic and BPA-free drinking solutions, but many people don’t want to invest so much in a water bottle.

Thanks to Bamboo Bottle for helping out – a review of the Bamboo Bottle will be posted on Alameda Runners in the near future.

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