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Archives for the day Friday, June 29th, 2012

Timmy Duggan on the Podium (Image courtesy: Jonathan Devich/

As part of my recent interview with Timmy Duggan, US road race national champion, he discussed the difficulties of battling such a long road race season.

“It is a long season and the key is to learn how to best manage the training, racing and travel. It is most important to keep your head fresh and motivated. That’s sometimes tough when I don’t see my wife for weeks on end, and I’m racing every day in the rain and away from home. You have to work hard when it’s time, but really know how to shut off and relax sometimes too. Otherwise you will surely burn out in the middle of the season!”

Even for the riders not racing one (or two) of the season’s Grand Tours, there are still plenty of other races – and lots of traveling – that must be done throughout the season.

I’d like to thank Timmy for taking the time to answer questions for my Bleacher Report story — and wish him the best of luck through the rest of his 2012 race season.