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Archives for the day Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Team Alameda had a bike ride around Paradise loop posted so I decided to join them.  It was an ice cream ride for them but it was fun.  We started out at the Sports Basement by Crissy Field and headed out to the bridge.  The west side of the Golden Gate Bridge is finally open to bikes!  I have been riding across the bridge for about 10 years and today was the first time I went across without construction equipment on the bridge.  It was nice.  The bridge was foggy and windy all day.  In the morning, the fog horn was sounding.  I like to listen to the fog horn when I cross the bridge.

After we crossed the bridge, we stopped to regroup and shed some wool.  It was 60 degrees Fahrenheit on the bridge and 75 on the Sausalito side of the bridge.  We cruised down to Mikes Bikes for another break and to chat some more then we headed off to Tiburon.  The temperature kept climbing as we went, topping out at 91.  The weather and views were stunning.  I feel so fortunate to live here and be able to go ride my bike in these beautiful areas.  Ride details can be found here.

When the group stopped in Tiburon to get something to eat, I rode on.  I intended to do the Alpine Dam loop but when someone at a stop light yelled out for a guide to the Rodeo Lagoon, I volunteered.  The wind was brutal and my tourist could climb like the wind.  He was also good at descending.  Because of my slowness, I got stuck behind a car and he totally dropped me and missed the turn.  I went looking for him to no avail so I headed back alone.  When I got to the GGB, I ran into Team Alameda at the re-group zone.

We talked for a bit then headed out to Sports Basement.  I ran into my tourist on the bridge.  I felt better, knowing that he did not head up the coast on Route 1.  It is hard to do but I worried all the same.  I asked him why he was on the bridge when he was going back to where he joined me.  He told me he did not know where he was going but it seemed like a good way to go.  I pointed him in the right direction while admiring his attitude.

It was great to get out for a social ride with Team Alameda.  Check out their site and consider joining them for a ride.  If not them, pick another group and go out for a no-drop ride.  It is a good change of pace from running all of the time.

Ride pictures are here.