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This weekend will feature a run/walk and meet-and-greet hosted by the Alameda Running and Walking Club — a first-time meeting for a group created late last year.

The ultimate goal of the Alameda Running and Walking Club is to help Alameda runners and walkers find people with the same pace they can explore the island with.

The group will meet this Saturday at 9:00 a.m. at 600 Westline Drive (Crown Beach Memorial Park).

Here is a bit more about the group and meeting:

The group’s organizer will have name tags for everyone to write down how they like to run and walk, including such factors as distance, location, pace, time of day. Then participants will mingle and hopefully meet other people that have similar running and walking goals and habits.
Organizers hope everyone will find at least one other person in the group that suits their exercise style and the entire group will go out for a run or walk. Organizers say they hope this event will help start to build community within the membership so people can more easily find friends to run and walk with.
Guests are welcome to attend. The club hopes to host at least one of these meet/greet events each month.

If you’re an Alameda runner, you’re probably aware of the large number of athletes you can stumble across on the trails. However, it’s a fractured running community and can sometimes be difficult to find training partners running close to your pace. Hopefully this group will be able to offer a higher level of structure, and you can even find a new running buddy.

Originally discovered this news on Alameda Patch, a great online resource for Alameda residents.

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