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Archives for the day Saturday, September 17th, 2011

The long slow run

The long slow run is a weird thing.  It works your leg muscles and burns a lot of calories.  I always want to pick up the pace because my brain does not like to accept the fact that running slowly will benefit me in any way.  The experts say that it trains the legs for turnover for a marathon.  Ted says the long slow run helps train the slow muscles for when you get to mile 22.  When running a marathon, there is something about the last 4 miles that are so difficult.  It does not matter why but something will happen to make you change your stride.  When you change your stride to a slower pace after 3 or 4 hours of running, you need to be prepared for it.

Today, I did my second long slow run in preparation for CIM 2011.  I got out there and plodded along at the prescribed pace.  My goal was to keep my heart rate close to 120 at a pace between 10 and 11 minutes.  I did a pretty good job of maintaining my pace without using my heart rate monitor to slow me down.   I carried a 20 ounce bottle of GU electrolyte drink, one Honey Stinger waffle and a Clif shot gel.  I also wore a pair of injinji toesocks.  The long slow run is a good time to try out new things.  The toe socks were a success.  I was bit leery about wearing toe socks for a long run but they were great.  I love Honey Stinger waffles but they are not very good for running because I inhaled a few crumbs which caused some discomfort for a while.  You don’t realize how much you use your abs while running until you start to cough up some crumbs.

I always wear a hat and sunglasses for long runs.  Good polarizing sunglasses are best.   I should wear sunscreen but I don’t.   I planned on running 15 miles but I cut my run short because I ran out of water.  There is something about stopping at home for water then going out for a few more miles.  After my run, I tossed down 16 ounces of water followed by a Clif Shot vanilla recovery drink mixed into 12 ounces of chocolate milk.  The instructions say to mix it into 8 ounces of water but I like it better when it is added to chocolate milk.  The long slow run is important.  I will write more about it in the future because I always mess up on the long run.