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Archives for the day Monday, September 5th, 2011

Ted’s Recovery Day Roundup

I had a low sugar Cytomax in a pre-mixed bottle.  I am not a fan of the low sugar drinks so I will not buy that stuff again.  If you like low sugar drinks it may be for you.  In my opinion, the Gatorade G-series stuff is better.

On to something worth writing about: Pretzel Crisps.  A couple of grocery bags full of pretzel crisps showed up on my door step a month or so ago.  I liked them so much, I went out and bought more.  I like the original and sesame and love the cinnamon toast flavor.  They are like potato chips.  Once you start, you don’t stop until the bag is empty so be careful.

I am not a fan of garlic so the garlic and everything flavors wound up at work.  My friends from Berkeley dipped them in soft cheese spreads and ranch dressing!  It turned my stomach to watch but they liked it.  I am going to change the subject before the political correctness police come after me.

leg stim
Electro pulse stimulation on the calf muscles.  It is amazing what you can get for under $50 on Amazon.  It can take a little practice to get the pad placement just right.  The configuration I have pictured is off for the target muscle.  Since I did not want to lose my photographer, I kept the pads in place until the picture was taken.

The pad placement did the trick but it caused some discomfort after I took the pads off.  One side of my leg felt nice and massaged while the other side was tingly from poor pad placement.

I don’t need to use the stimulation machine every day but it is very easy to use and it does help.