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The more stuff I get to review, the more niches I find for stuff.  I recently received a couple pair of SockGuy socks for review.

The low cut socks with a 3-inch cuff seemed to be best suited for cycling so I took them out for a 60-mile bike ride followed by a 6-mile run and thought they made my feet numb.

Hmmm, blame it on the socks.

I tried the same socks on a 7-mile run with no problems.  I then took them out for the ultimate running test:  I ran about seven miles in the rain with no slipping or bunching.  They are very comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

I have a pair of crew style socks that are so good I wear them with casual clothes, such as jeans and a casual shirt.  I love the socks but I am afraid that I have become exercise fashion conscious.

Quality socks usually cost from 5 to 15 dollars.  SockGuy socks are usually 5-10 dollars.  They are very comfortable and competitively priced.  I love my SockGuy socks and would buy them off the rack of my local running store without a second thought.

Buy quality socks and your feet will thank you by not complaining.

The Good:

  • Comfort, the packaging and the web site give you a lot of technical reasons for comfort but they just feel good on my feet.
  • They are stylish.  Now that I am fashion conscious, I like style.
  • The price.

The Bad

  • You have to wash them a few times before they become really comfortable.
  • They can’t mold my bike shoes to my feet for me.

I like my SockGuy socks for both athletics and casual wear.  They are very comfortable and well worth the price.

Mike’s Thoughts:  I wear mine for riding and casual wear, as I’ve found I replaced most of my casual regular socks with tech clothing.

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