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I recently received some Icebreaker running gear for review.  I was a bit concerned about wearing wool running stuff, but it was pleasantly comfortable.  The run shorts felt a bit odd and scratchy for the first few runs but it is surprising how comfortable wool running clothes can be.  I only wore them for short runs at first because of the scratchy feel.

They are not scratchy like the old wool army blankets but scratchy compared to synthetic shorts.  After a few washings, the scratchy feel went away and it was just that unique wool feel that I liked.

The Run Ace Crewe running shirt was similar to the shorts with the unique feel but after one run, I converted the shirt to a casual/under shirt.  I really like the way the shirt feels.  I won’t wear a regular running shirt as an everyday shirt because they are expensive and they don’t wear very well.

I don’t know anything about scientific facts but everyone knows that wool makes the most durable clothes.  It is pretty neat that they can make wool T-shirts comfortable.  I like the way the wool shirt feels after I sweat a little bit.  Synthetic shirts really spread the sweat and make it uncomfortable where it does not seem happen with the wool.

All of the clothes come with an ID code to trace the origin of the wool.  It is pretty neat to see how global the economy really is and the web page is top notch.  I really like the Icebreaker gear.  I have been wearing it for the last couple of weeks and suffered no rashes.

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