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BART Bike Survey – Do Your Part!

Bike commuting is a popular mode of transportation for many of us in the Bay Area, though trying to use public transportation with your bike can be difficult. BART (the SF Bay Area train/subway system) is in a constant struggle to accommodate bikes while also keeping passengers safe.

Learn more about bikes on BART by visiting the BART website.

To help learn more about its passengers, BART hopes bike passengers will take a survey to help plan future improvements.

The survey can be found here.

Here is what BART had to say regarding the survey:

We want to hear from both riders who use their bikes as part of their BART trip and those who don’t bike but share the train with bicyclists. Please take a few minutes to complete the BART Bicycle Survey so we can better understand your thoughts and opinions about bikes and BART.

The survey is 35 questions and should only take a couple of minutes of your time. Remember, it’s important to do your part, especially if you’re a BART bike commuter — if they want to make changes, we have to give them feedback.

(Thanks to BikeLink for informing me about the BART survey.)

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