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Readers of Alameda Runners,

I know we have a core group of Alameda and SF East Bay readers, but we’ve grown to include casual athletes from across the world. I normally try to keep the mood lighthearted and uplifting around here — but there are times when a serious matter must be addressed.

This story focuses on an incident that occurred in Alameda, but is a scary reminder that parents have a responsibility to teach and look over their children. A recent news story has been floating around in Alameda regarding a motor accident, when a car struck a small child recklessly trying to cross the street.

Drivers must be vigilant, aware, and cautious while driving, and pedestrians have to be careful to pay attention to cars.

“It appears at this time that the child stepped out in front of the car,” said Lt. Sean Lynch, Alameda Police, in a statement to Alameda Patch. “The child exited the car and ran out between his dad’s car and the car he parked next to, across both lanes of traffic. The driver who struck the boy was going south-bound on Eighth Street.”

Most streets in Alameda have a 25 m.p.h speed limit, but anyone driving 25 mph likely realizes how many drivers are quick to tailgate and drive aggressively. The Island is great for running and cycling — but vigilance is absolutely important when it comes to matters like this.

As Jon mentioned in comments section, the parent should have ideally either walked his child across the street, or dropped the child off directly in front of Washington Park.

Listen, there are specific rules to the road when you’re in a car, riding a bike, or simply walking down the street. It’s up to the adults to make sure their children are being safe as possible — and for drivers to drive safely and pay attention on the street.

(Image courtesy of Alameda Patch member, Anna Tzanova)


Editors note:  We are all responsible for our own safety.  It does not matter who has the right of way, if you get hit by a car, you will lose.

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