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Archives for the day Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Alameda Runners likes to get involved with volunteering and trying to participate in local politics (however ugly it may be in Alameda). For an article published elsewhere, I had the chance to chat with an organization that has a very unique method to helping charities.

I recently interviewed a group that uses an active coalition of companies that give at least 1% of yearly revenue to support environmental groups. I think it’s especially important to highlight these groups at a time when state and federal park funding is being slashed at an alarming rate.

Here is a link to the full interview that was recently published on TrailsEdge.

I’d like to discuss a few additional thoughts about 1% and the group’s continued efforts to help the environment. The 1% giving idea is unique because it is a small, but extremely important contribution from companies. Many companies are plagued by big bureaucracy that seems to prevent useful monetary or logistical support for groups.

Whether or not it’s 1%, Alameda Runners recommends trying to become involved in whatever manner you can. It’s important to try and appreciate the great outdoors we all love to explore and enjoy, so look out for the companies and promotions that look to help out.