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Archives for the day Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Nutrition is absolutely important for athletes to consider when they’re exercising, adding the proper fuel can help give you the right push towards a new PR.

I recently wrote a story on TrailsEdge that goes into the basics of nutrition for athletes still trying to make sense of things. I’d like to expand on the topic of sports nutrition a bit while also offering some great reading material.

Rather than ramble about different things, hopefully providing a few links to outside sources will generate inspiration that can be used in your own personal workouts.

Nutrition is more than just what you eat and drink while exercising, and it’s easy to overlook. Most athletes carbo load and taper with great care, but ignore other general nutrition guidelines, so I included a few ideas on food choices as well. has a list of “8 common mistakes” athletes make and “how to fix them” to ensure you’re properly fueled.

I usually prefer to stick with products aimed specifically at sports nutrition, but the “alternative carb sources” story published at Runner’s World is a good read.

A post on the Umass helps stimulate ideas related to basic post-race foods, “ABCs” of baked potatoes, and some basic food eating tips for people on the road. This marathon site lists the benefits of a ‘good’ diet, and what marathon runners should and shouldn’t eat.