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Archives for the day Thursday, May 19th, 2011

RoadID Releases Wrist ID Slim

RoadID is using the Tour of California as a strong marketing platform to help make sure athletes always have their emergency contact information with them.

The biggest North American bike race enters its critical time trial stage tomorrow, several RoadID athletes and ambassadors are currently in California. As such, this also marked the perfect time to launch a new RoadID product, as a high amount of US attention is focused on Versus.

The RoadID Wrist ID Slim is a new model — and is the slimmest RoadID available — which can be worn by kids and adults alike.

From the RoadID website:

With its stylish and comfortable silicone band, you will be tempted to make a lifestyle statement and wear it 24/7. Like all our ID products, The Wrist ID Slim can be laser engraved with your emergency contact information and is available in both Original and Interactive versions. There are seven different colors to choose from. You (and your kids) will love wearing The Wrist ID Slim.

Craig Hummer and Bob Roll talk about RoadID:

I know many of us end up running, riding, and exploring a long distance away from home, so having a RoadID is important if something happens. If you’re unable to purchase a RoadID or similar product, we at least recommend making sure you have contact information available in case something does happen.

We whipped up a short story in the past that highlights the importance of wearing RoadID when you’re out exploring the world.


Editors note:  I wear my road ID for all of my long runs.  I am thinking of getting another one to hang from my bike.  There is the security concern but if you wind up injured on the side of the road, it is nice be identifiable.