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Archives for the day Sunday, May 15th, 2011

East Bay’s own GU Energy recently added the Chocolate Raspberry flavor to its Roctane brand of energy gels, a newer product aimed at ‘ultra endurance’ activities.

The new flavor utilizes a blend of Amino Acids to help reduce lactic acid build-up, and some other science mumbo-jumbo to help limit muscle damage.

“We are pleased to introduce this flavor in response to the widely voiced demand for a chocolate Roctane option from athletes across the endurance sports world,” said Brent Mann, GU R&D Director, in a press statement. “The unique, yet subtle tartness of our all natural raspberry flavor, brings balance to the bold profile of the real, dark chocolate.”

Originally introduced in 2008, the Roctane line is aimed at fueling you for your especially demanding adventures. There are five flavors in the Roctane family, and the Pineapple flavor is still one of my favorite energy gels to enjoy while training.

The GU Chocolate Raspberry flavor is now available for $2.50 per packet — and Alameda Runners has a box to sample.