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Archives for the day Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

You may have noticed a guest blog written by Yoon recently posted on Alameda Runners, and I wanted to share some more information. Trails Edge is a new blog I recently started writing for, and I wanted to highlight my first three posts for the site.

My first article for the Trails Edge blog featured some of my favorite fitness energy supplements, and can be found here.

If you’re looking for hydration pack advice, I recently wrote a quick story about different choices for trail runners and regular hikers. You can find the story here.

For people still debating whether or not they need a heart rate monitor, I also put together a basic story about the topic. (We already know that readers here seem to love gadgets and technology, so we’re sure you all have high-tech gizmos already.)

I’m writing for Trails Edge every week and look forward to contributing new and exciting stories that I will also share here. More importantly, Alameda Runners now has a new resource for enthusiasts, as I look forward to publishing more guest blogs.