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Archives for the day Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

I wound up with a CamelBak Groove water bottle for review a few weeks ago.  I am not a fan of CamelBak because I prefer using water bottles and spilling water all over the place and I don’t like having things in my mouth.  I usually have 2 or 3 water bottles on my desk at a time as I drink 2-6 bottles of water a day while at work.

The CamelBak is my most used water bottle.  I don’t know why I use it the most.  I just do.  It is probably because of the removable mouth piece that I can leave out all day and remove it for washing when I refill the bottle.

My young son Teddy’s thoughts on his bottle:

I bought a CamelBak water bottle at a good price. I liked it; the design was good and it’s good quality.  It is has a thick plastic, but it is light as well. The CamelBak bottle has a mouth piece that is disconnect able so you can clean.

It has a measuring tool on the bottle just like a good water bottle should.  The straw connected to the lid is a great part of the bottle is you don’t like to flip the bottle over; like the mouth piece it can also be disconnected. Overall, it is a great bottle and I recommend it…

It is always good to find running buddies to keep you company while out running.  My new best friend Shem from Alibris kept me company the other day while I was out on a recovery run.  We pushed each other’s pace for the whole run.  We did 4.4 miles at a 7:57 pace.  That is a pace we are both happy with.

While I was admiring my CamelBak bottle at work the other day, a coworker came into my office to complain about leg pain.  He explained his symptoms and told me his training routine.  I had him sit down and I put my finger on the exact spot of his pain.  He has the classic center of the calf pain from over exertion by doing too much too fast.

It is fun to go out and push yourself to your limits.  I do it all of the time.  Take it easy and build up your mileage and speed slowly.  Only go fast on distances that you have already done.  The older you get, the longer it takes to recover.  You can still workout while recovering; you just can’t push yourself too hard while you are recovering.  Don’t forget your rest days.