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Welcome to the ‘Zone of Endless Motion’!

This is a short blog introducing you to ZEMgear, a minimalist shoe company specializing in helping customers move closer to barefoot. The Miami-based company was kind enough to send along a pair of ZEMgear Original Split Toe minimal footwear — my first attempt at testing something other than regular running shoes.

The ZEMgear shoes are a very minimal product that can be used for a wide variety of uses. I’m going to focus mostly on running and cross training — but the footwear can be used for other activities, including the following: gym, cross training, yoga, submission grappling, and other basic athletic activities.

The company currently has seven different minimalist products; each has a specific use, and are relatively low-priced when compared to other minimalist products.

I typically wear socks and sandals to get through airport security, but a pair ZEMgear footwear can be worn while passing through the metal detector. I’ll offer additional thoughts about casual comfort in regards to grocery shopping, driving, and lounging around.

The company’s blog is available here.

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