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Archives for the day Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

I finally got around to posting the CIM 2010 training plan.  I have been remiss in my training as I have been injured for the last couple of months.  Hopefully, I will see you in Sacramento this December.

The daily distances on the training plan are recommendations.  You can move the training around to fit schedule.  I do it this way because I can do most of the daily runs during lunch and my work schedule suits the plan I wrote.  It is the weekly total and Saturday long runs that are important.   They must be met.  You also need a rest day.

Here is a daily breakdown of the plan:

Monday – That is your day to take off and see what you can do to your heart rate.

Tuesday – Shorter day where you should cruise through the run

Wednesday – A good day for a slight push but not too much

Thursday – A bit of a recovery day for the week

Friday – Swim or bike, save your body for Saturday, you can even have this day off if you are tired

Saturday – Long Slow Day!  These days are long and slow!  Take it easy.  Watch your heart rate do not let it go up on the long slow day.  My max HR is 170, I do the long slow day at a heart rate of 120-130.  Speed on the long day is an injury waiting to happen.

Sunday – Rest Day.  Take it easy.  Drink water and put your feet up.

Once I am healthy again, I will pick up the Saturday long runs in Alameda.  Maybe by mid-September I will be ready to run again.