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Better Breathing Tips

When I first started training last December, trying to figure out how to breathe while running seemed to give me some problems.  If you have trouble breathing, there are a couple of easy tips and recommendations you can follow.

First and foremost, I recommend asking an experienced runner.  Even if he or she isn’t a coach or personal trainer, it’s likely anyone who has run a few half marathons and marathons can teach you how to breathe.  Reading and watching tips online is helpful, but chatting with an average person who knows exactly what you’re going through can provide invaluable support.

If you are in the mood for some reading material and a video clip, I found the right thing for you.  This blog on the Fitness Depot site focuses on how to breathe when running — and includes a couple of video clips for you to watch.

If you don’t have time to read the short list and watch the videos, here is what I think is the most important step:  “One last thing — try not to over-think your breathing!  It’s best to try to slow down, relax, and let yourself fall into your body’s natural rhythm.”

Editors note: Practice breathing deeply.  I do a lot of hilly half marathons here in the San Francisco East Bay area where I see a lot of people laboring up the hills.  You are laboring anyway, take a few deep breathes to get that oxygen to your legs.  It may feel painful when you take the deep breathes but you will climb better in a few steps.

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