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This web site was originally designed for two events.  The Oakland Running Festival and the California International Marathon.  That fact is not advertised very often because we are having so much fun with everything else that has come along in the past few months.  CIM is coming up December 5, 2010.  That may seem like a long way off but in marathon terms, it is just the beginning.

This article is aimed at the first timers but all are invited to read along.  For those of you who secretly want to run a marathon in Northern California, circle the date and start looking for hotel rooms in Sacramento.  After you do that, read my article on foot care for runners, and then get out to a running store to jump on the treadmill and find out what kind of running style you have.  Test out the shoes they recommend and try the shoes on with the stores sample running socks.  Buy some good socks to go with the shoes and get out for a light jog/walk of 10-15 minutes.

Now that you decided to be a runner, get some clothes to exercise in.  I like tight spandex style under garments and a hat.  Everything else is just fashion.  Good sun glasses are nice too.  Take a look at Ted’s race attire.  On to the running here is a typical start for the people who want to join us for our first long run on August 8, 2010.  The first run will be a 6.5-7 mile jog in 70-80 minutes.  We will be doing these runs in Alameda.  Those of you who do not live in or near Alameda, follow along with schedule at your current location.  For the shorter runs, there are plenty of running clubs through out the world that host runs in distance up to 12 miles on Saturday mornings.  To get prepared for this run, first timers should follow the following schedule.

Sunday          6/27 Weigh yourself and measure your waist.  Write it down.
Monday         6/28 – 15 minutes easy jog/walk
Wednesday    6/30 – 15 minutes easy jog/walk
Friday            7/02 – 20 minutes easy jog/walk

Monday         7/05 – 15 minutes easy jog
Wednesday    7/07 – 15 minutes easy jog
Friday            7/09 – 25 minutes easy jog

Monday         7/12 – 20 minutes easy jog
Wednesday    7/14 – 20 minutes easy jog
Friday            7/16 – 30 minutes easy jog

Monday           7/19 – 25 minutes easy jog
Wednesday     7/21 – 25 minutes easy jog
Friday              7/23 – 40 minutes easy jog

Monday         7/26 – 30 minutes easy jog
Wednesday    7/28 – 30 minutes easy jog
Friday            7/30 – 50 minutes easy jog

Monday           8/02 – 30 minutes easy jog
Wednesday     8/04 – 8 X 440 @ 2:00-2:20 pace 30 seconds rest between laps.
Thursday         5/05 – 25 minutes easy jog
Friday              8/06 – Swim, bike or yoga 30-60 minutes
Saturday          8/07 – 7 miles @ 10:30 – 11:00 pace

If you make it through the first long run of 7 miles, congratulate yourself for doing that.  It may well be the hardest part of running a marathon.  If you can make it this far, follow along with us and you will be trained to finish CIM on December 5, 2010.

Drink plenty of water 2-4 liters per day.  Circle the date on your calendar.  Tell your friends that you are training for CIM.

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