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I went out for a moderately difficult two hour run today through the hills on a hot day sporting a bag full of Hammer Nutrition products.  I ate Montana Huckleberry gel along the route.  It tasted really good relative to most other things that I have tried.  It is always a big plus for me when it goes down easily.  I  washed it down with about 4 ounces of water and I was good to go.

At the one hour mark, I popped two if the Endurolytes.  I washed them down with my last 2-4 ounces of water and turned around.  It was hot and I consumed a lot more water going up the hills than I anticipated.  It was 2-3 down hill miles to the nearest water stop.  My stomach was burning like I had a stitch from running too hard without warming up.  It was not too bad and went away as soon as I got some water.  You will need water with these things.

As soon as I finished the run I had a Strawberry flavored Recoverite.  This is by far the best tasting recovery drink that is mixed with water.  I had no problem drinking it down or just sipping it.

On the drive home I drank a bottle of water mixed with Strawberry flavored HEED electrolyte drink.  This tasted good too.

The rest of my nutritional intake for the day consisted of pizza, water and beer and I feel good.  Hammer products rock.  We usually share the sample products with readers.  I am going to have a hard time parting with any of the Hammer products.  They are all good.

I wanted to put Hammer through the test with a hard training day but issues came up and I had to cut my workout short by dropping the 3 hour bike ride.  Sorry Hammer for not really putting you through the test but you did pass the short, hot workout with flying colors.

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