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“Get out and do it” Friday notes

This weekend is athletes heaven for the Northern California tribe of readers.  The weather is supposed to be perfect all over the place.  I often vary my Saturday long workout routines to match the weather.  This weekend I am spoiled for choice.  There are so many options, I am going to stick with my plan that I wrote up in March!  I will bring my wet suit to the bay in case I want to add a swim at the last minute.  I encourage all of you readers to get out and do something this weekend.  I packed so much into last weekend that it felt like I was coming off vacation when I went back to work on Monday.  Just get out and do it!

Saturday 6/11/10, is the day I put the Hammer product line through the Ted tests.  I am going to workout for about 5 hours consuming nothing but hammer products.  If I make it home to write about my day, Hammer passed.  If I wind up in the hospital with the emergency crews testing my road ID, the test did not go so well.

It appears that I created a bit of stir when I singled out Yoplait yogurt as a bad food in my dieting article.  I heard so much about how Yoplait is fat free and it has dairy yogurt cultures and so on and so on.  I stand by my implication of Yoplait being junk food.  I don’t really have a problem with junk food.  You just have to be careful about how much you consume.  Pick your battles.  If Yoplait is your choice of junk food that is fine.  I would rather have chocolate or a cheeseburger as my junk food.

Here are some quick links to what I found on yogurt.  I have a link for Voskos Greek Yogurt because they sell it in the Oakland Whole foods.  I am not a big fan of Voskos but it is high quality and tastes decently enough.  I love Greek Gods Yogurt but it is very high in fat and about half the people in the link are not fans.  Of course there is a link to

If you get out for a 5 hour workout this weekend, you can eat anything you want afterwards providing your stomach is up for it.  Enjoy the weekend!

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