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Optimum Nutrition 2:1:1

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Very Vanilla is my favorite recovery drink of them all.  I like to mix two scoops with 16 ounces of whole milk and a heaping teaspoon of chocolate milk mix.  This is less of a review of the ON 2:1:1, but is more of why I choose to drink it.

It is a calorie bomb loaded with 35 grams of protein, 79 grams of carbs, 23 grams of amino acids and 36 grams of sugar plus the chocolate milk.  I only use it on very hard days.  I use it after a cardio workout of at least two hours, a second workout of the day, or a hard session in the weight room.

It is so rich, it covers the taste of the whey.  I usually recover well after the ON 2:1:1.  I drink it after hard workouts so I still get sore but it is not as badly as if I were to drink water.  I sometimes drink the chocolate flavored mix with water on lighter workout days.  It does not taste as good with water but I can keep it at work.  I don’t like the vanilla in water at all.

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