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AlamedaRunners previously interviewed Rocktape (and a KT Tape interview is in the works), so we wanted to continue our effort to provide information about even more kinesiology tape products.

Today I am going to interview SpiderTech, a kinesiology product company that has custom pre-cut pieces and regular products — and a professional cycling team currently in the Tour of California.

The first question many people wonder about these kinesiology products is whether or not they work – and if it’s worth putting down the cash.

“I have designed the applications based on functional anatomy of the primary area for which the applications are intended for,” said Dr. Kevin Jardine, practicing chiropractor and founder of the company.  “This is to include all of the primary muscles as well as the synergistic muscles involved making the pre-cut applications more functional.  The pre-cuts, cut out of one large piece also allow the applications to be applied without tape overlapping tape.  The Tape is meant to be applied to skin.  The Pre-cut applications also ensure that the applications are applied in a consistent way each time ensuring the athlete is receiving same results.”

Trying to figure out how to apply this tape is something that is challenging for most people (Ted and I are still working on it ourselves) — a fact realized by Dr. Jardine.

“Although we have simplified the use of kinesiology taping, it isn’t easy.  It is still a therapy and one that requires technique in the proper handling of the material.  We not only focus on offering the highest level of free instruction on our website and our online courses, we are leading the way in the most evidence led approach to ensuring the ‘best practices’ with the use of kinesiology taping.”

Full interview available after the jump.

The use of kinesiology taping is great for athletes, there is a constant need for this type of product in the medical world.  SpiderTech Gentle “has been specifically engineered for the fragility in skin of elderly patients so that they too can experience the benefits of kinesiology taping.  The added benefit of the gentle line is that it can be used by people with sensitive skin who were otherwise unable to use kinesiology taping.”

Assuming athletes follow the directions and don’t apply the tape over broken or irritated skin, “the likelihood of causing a problem is virtually erased.  Some portions of the population are allergic to any skin adhesive and cannot wear any tape.”

SpiderTech products can be purchased from the official SpiderTech Web site and from

In the future, SpiderTech hopes to keep making tape “more accessible so that we can increase the understanding and therapeutic merit of this effective form of therapy.  This is not just tape, this is a therapy and the unique features of kinesiology taping allow it to promote healing and speed recovery.   If you are experiencing an injury keeping you from being active, try it, besides… you have nothing to lose but pain!”

Mike’s Note:  Congrats to SpiderTech’s Andrew Randall, who was in the breakaway during a rainy, dangerous stage of the Tour of California.

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