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Brad Ziegler is a relief pitcher for the Oakland A’s baseball team who I follow on Twitter.  Don’t ask me how I started following him as I usually follow less than 20 people and I am no fan of sports.  I am usually busy doing my own thing, such as writing this shout out.  Brad usually lets you know how he feels at the moment he is posting on Twitter.  He sometimes gets into trouble for not being politically correct but I wonder how many of the politically correct complainers spend time in the schools reading to children or go help out at the local hospital.

A lot of times, it only takes a little bit of time or effort to make someone’s life a little better and we often let the opportunity slip by.

Brad Ziegler is the first role model for Alameda Runners.  The following section is a list of quotes from bradziegler on Twitter.  I have arranged some of the paragraphs together as they get posted on Twitter out of order.  I don’t have a journalistic handbook but I assume it is proper to put quotes around the whole page and call it good.

“But first, going w/ a couple other guys to visit some oncology & rehab patients at Oakland Children’s Hospital – can’t WAIT to see the kids!  Around 20 guys showed up today for Oakland Children’s Hospital visit…and, man, did those kids touch our lives… Appendix-removal patient, Jocelin – with (R to L) me, Powell, Cahill, and Anderson, Dallas: brain surgery patientGerald – 15 months old

Ziegler winds up for Pastime for Patriots

Reading to 170 4th and 5th graders at Lydiksen Elementary in Pleasanton

Not that I’m looking ahead at all, but just a reminder: Saturday we have a 1:00 game against the Rays and it is our Armed Forces Day.  The A’s are graciously letting me use that day to officially launch Pastime For Patriots (PFP). I’m SO excited! Hope you can come out and help me get PFP off to a great start! There will be a couple donation tables on the concourse, and all donations would be appreciated no matter how big or how small. & spreading the word would be appreciated, too! It’s also Andrew Bailey bobblehead day! So more incentive!!

I’m doing the reading program tomorrow at Lydikson Elementary School tomorrow in Pleasanton w/ 170 4th and 5th graders! Should be a blast!

So May 1 came & went, & I got to over 2300 followers! You all are awesome! Pastime For Patriots launches on Saturday! Our Armed Forces Day!

Have I mentioned that I don’t like east coast day games? Feel like a train hit me. Might have to drink some coffee this morning – UGH

Our team is beat down physically…just need ONE WIN to get some momentum. Hopefully tomorrow. Gio vs. ex-teammate Dana Eveland.

Headin to the field! Duke vs. Romero! Spent the morning writing a letter to A’s fans. Please read if interested:

My birthday this year is 10/10/10 and I’m turning 31 (my jersey #). Hope it happens while we’re in the playoffs…
Here’s the deal: I’m not gonna pretend to know all the details about the AZ Immigration Law or what the history is with the potential move.  of the team in Oakland. All I know is, as a player, it flat-out stinks to play in empty stadiums, of the team in Oakland. All I know is, as a player, it flat-out stinks to play in empty stadiums, especially in your home park.

Do people really think that boycotting baseball games in Arizona is going to eventually lead to removal of the new immigration law? All it’s going to do is hurt the D-backs. It’s not much fun to play in front of an empty stadium in your home park. We’re going through that when.  A’s fans boycott our games bc ownership has threatened to move the team. The lack of fans gives them all the more reason to seek other  alternatives for a new home city. And the players get punished, having to play in an empty stadium for something that we have nothing to do with. You an make your opinions known in lots of ways, but ultimately, boycotting games affects the players more than the owners. Just remember, to most owners, having a baseball team is a hobby on the side. They all made their money elsewhere before buying the team.  Sorry for the political rant. Just wish true fans would seek alternative ways of protesting other than boycotting games. Don’t punish US…

Just to clear this up, I was in NO WAY complaining about our fans. Just wish we had more. Who wouldn’t want to play in front of a sellout crowd every night? I didn’t intend to ruffle any feathers. Just wanted people to know that players enjoy the big crowds, and I don’t want to be a supporter of a sports boycott. I don’t know enough about the new law to pick sides…just not supporting a boycott. That’s all 🙂

Wow! Explosion of followers! Over 2000! Thanks so much everyone! But keep spreading the word!! Help support the foundation…and the A’s!

I liked it better when the only interleague play was the World Series…

Pastime For Patriots is launching 2 weeks from yesterday! Extremely excited to be able to give back to our troops and their families!

And for the record, I have less than 100 followers to get to reach my goal, and only a week til the self-imposed deadline! Help me out!

Just finished congratulating some 6th graders on reaching their reading goals! They made signs to welcome me!!

All that said, today will be awesome: going to help w a reading program at Pleasanton Middle School today..should be a fabulous time w kids!

As the launch date of Pastime For Patriots nears, I’ll take any #FF Friday Follows that anyone would like to pass on 🙂 thx for your help!”

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