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I accidentally signed up for the Active Advantage trial about one month ago, and completely didn’t realize I signed up.  (It’s one of the memberships offered when you sign up for an event through Active.)  I checked my credit card statement last week and saw a mysterious $59.95 charge I didn’t recognize.

Did I register for an event and forget about it?  Is this a fraudulent charge?  Hm.

I e-mailed Active last weekend and asked if I could cancel the membership — and get a refund for the billed charge.  I received a response on Monday noting I did sign up for the service, but they’d still cancel it for me.  Wow.  A response (and resolution) in  just one day?  Woohoo!

Here’s part of the e-mail I received:

We also want to reassure you of our policy with regard to this trial offer:

About one month ago, you or a family member registered online for an event, league or activity.  At the end of that registration you were offered a membership to Active Advantage.  If you clicked yes, we signed you up for the trial membership.

As explained in the offer, once the trial membership period expires, your membership is extended for one year.  You are also given the choice to cancel the trial at any time at no cost to you.

Earlier this morning (Tuesday), I received an e-mail from the Active support staff that said I was refunded the money.  It should be removed my from my credit card bill sometime late this week or early next week.

Kudos to Active for swiftly fixing a problem that was entirely my fault.  I’ve used Active numerous times before, but didn’t think it’d be so easy to get my refund.

Editors note: Active does put that check block in a place where it looks like something you need to check before you can close the window and get on with your day.  I came close to falling for that one a few times myself.  I am glad to hear they are responsive to the consumers who make a mistake.

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