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Bummer… BMC Rider Popped For EPO Use

I know this isn’t a cycling news site, but I know many of you follow the Tour de France and other major races.

Swiss BMC cyclist Thomas Frei was caught doping and has been suspended by Team BMC. The rider admitted he took micro-dose EPO treatments since 2008, though was only caught because he got sloppy.

“It is correct, that I have taken EPO. Therefore there is no sense in opening the B sample. There is no point in hoping for the off-chance that it will be negative,” a Swiss newspaper published, according to the Cyclingnews.

I do not condone doping – and still believe most people in the pro peloton are dirty – but appreciate that Frei stepped up and admitted he did it. His disclosure also shows that that the battle against doping continues to be difficult, with most cheaters likely slipping through the cracks.

At just 25 years of age, Frei should be able to serve his two-year suspension, keep training, and race in Europe again a couple of seasons from now.

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