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Injuries tend to be an unfortunate part of running, cycling, and endurance athletics.  Many of us have suffered from sprains, strains, and other nasty little injuries.  Perhaps you’ve occasionally seen athletes wearing brightly colored pieces of tape, but still don’t know what this tape is for.

To explain the basics of kinesiology tape, I’d recommend reading this article written by Ted before reading this interview.

…… Now that you’re hopefully familiar with these products, today Alameda Runners interviews Rocktape, a company that specializes in products aimed at injury prevention.  You can reach the company’s FAQ page here.

Rocktape currently offers both printed and video-based instructions designed to help inform customers how to use the product.  Putting the tape on by yourself – especially if you’re inexperienced – can be a relatively daunting experience.

“When it comes to injuries, you should always consult with a medical pro. After you’re confident that your condition is treatable with tape, simply follow the instructions we provide, or have your medical pro provide guidance. When it comes to taping for performance, it is a much easier procedure since there isn’t an injury involved. Simply follow the instructions; if you wrap a birthday present you can tape yourself!”

We discuss the cost of Rocktape, risk of improper use, and more after the break!

The higher cost of kinesiology products may not seem worth the sometimes steep price tag, but some athletes swear by these products.  Most name brand tapes can be found from $10 to $25+, with generic products available online and in pharmacies for less than $10.

“While $20 may seem like a lot for tape, can you put a price on being able to enjoy your sport again?” asked Rocktape.  “For some, this is what Rocktape provides and is a small price to pay compared to $100 running shoes and $300 orthopedic inserts.  Also, landing on the podium because you were 1/100 faster than the next guy is worth $20 for many of the folks we sell to.”

It’s possible there is a risk of injury if used incorrectly, but the topic is a relatively slippery slope.

“Risk of injury is always a tough question. There is always the risk of further injuries if you have an injury and re-engage in that activity, with or without a rehabilitation product. We’ve never heard of this happening but our lawyers always tell us to warn folks that there is always the possibility it could happen.”

If you’re interested in receiving a free sample of Rocktape, feel free to e-mail the company’s promotion e-mail address here.  The company urges readers to include your name and mailing address in the e-mail.  No international requests and just one sample per household.

Most of our customers try our product before purchasing. We send thousands of free samples out every month. We’re a big believer in putting our money where our marketing is. If a company doesn’t believe in its products enough to let you try it for free than that says something about the company and the product.

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